Government Spending

Our national debt is a crisis with very real consequences, and it is not fair to leave this mess for future generations.

Before I was elected, Congress had not passed a budget since 2009, even though the Constitution requires Congress to pass one every year. One of my first votes in Congress was in support of H.R. 325 known as the “No Budget, No Pay Act” to end this practice, and it forced the U.S. Senate to pass a budget for the first time in four years.

We cannot tax and spend our way into prosperity. Coupled with the recently enacted tax reform which unleashes job creators and incentivizes investment and growth here at home, I believe that smart spending cuts and fixing the broken IRS are important steps in a responsible approach that returns the nation to balanced budgets. We did not get in this mess overnight and we are not going to get out overnight. We must take a thoughtful, long-term approach that ends reckless spending and prevents further damage to our fragile economy. We must stay focused on our end goal of a healthy, growing economy, because it is essential to paying down our debt.

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