We must prepare our children to compete in a global economy that is quickly innovating and increasingly reliant on rapidly evolving technology. Our country’s education system must continue to innovate and improve in order to provide our children with the resources and skills required for the jobs of tomorrow.

The education our children receive will determine the jobs they have during their working careers; the lives they’ll lead; and the citizens they’ll become. We must build a system around high standards, accountability for results, local control, and parental choice. As a founding member of the School Safety Caucus, I believe that schools must also be a place where our students are safe.

When it comes to making sure education works for students, parents and teachers alike, I support policies that empower parents, teachers and local schools, not government bureaucrats. States should be allowed to invest federal funds in new, creative, and accountable programs that will better prepare our children for the future while helping contain costs. I supported the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that returns authority and discretion to the states, school districts, and parents; reigns in the power of the Secretary of Education; and eliminates 49 duplicative or inefficient programs.

The ESSA strongly supports Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, including computer science, that will help close the existing skills gap and better prepare students for the careers of the future. I will continue to be a driving force for policies and programs that support the workforce of tomorrow and computer science skills.

Students of all ages need our support. We cannot forget about helping our displaced workers by providing critical job training. A workforce armed with skills to match the needs of businesses means more Hoosier jobs and more successful businesses. That’s why I co-sponsored HR 803 Supporting Knowledge and Investing in Lifelong Skills Act (SKILLS Act), which was ultimately signed into law and is being implemented to improve workforce training.

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